afferent lymphatic

afferent lymphatic
linfático aferente.

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  • Afferent — is an anatomical term with the following meanings: *Conveying towards a center, for example the afferent arterioles conveying blood towards the Bowman s capsule in the Kidney. Opposite to Efferent. *Something that so conducts, see Afferent nerve… …   Wikipedia

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  • Afferent — Carrying toward. A vein is an afferent vessel since it carries blood toward from the heart. An afferent nerve carries impulses toward the central nervous system. The opposite of afferent is efferent. * * * Inflowing; conducting toward a center,… …   Medical dictionary

  • afferent — adj. 1) designating nerves or neurones that convey impulses from sense organs and other receptors to the brain or spinal cord, i.e. any sensory nerve or neurone. 2) designating blood vessels that feed a capillary network in an organ or part. 3)… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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